Hi, I’m Zada Atun, creator of Food Snob Foodie, LLC.  I grew up on a standard Jamaican and American diet- heavy in meat and carbs and low in fruits and vegetables. In my early 20’s I battled chronic acne and arthritic conditions, such as gout in my right foot and a bone spur near my left knee. For these reasons, in 2008, I decided it was time to change my lifestyle. I did my first cleanse and decided to cut out red meat indefinitely. I bought the cleanse program from a vitamin shop and truthfully the pills and powders did no good. Advice from a friend and my intuition led me to information on the benefits of a vegan/plant-based diet. What I learned alarmed me and freed me at the same time. I became an avid student and an advocate for a plant-based lifestyle and I’ve never looked back!

When I began to delve into holistic healing and using nutrition to prevent or redirect disease, it opened up a whole new world. This is when I discovered my purpose and passion. I have dedicated my life to enlightening others and guiding them to a dietary lifestyle that purifies, heals, nourishes and increases the quality of life. My mission is to save lives and spread the word about the importance of a health conscious lifestyle, disease prevention and not giving into the concept of inevitable hereditary diseases. I use several different platforms to increase awareness, such as the “Be Vegan” program, my all-about-food related company Suga Dumplin’, and the Food Snob apparel line. Wherever you are in your journey, I welcome you to join me as we eat our way to optimum health!

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